Investment properties for sale in Dubai
Top 10 apartments in Dubai with the highest rental yield
The list was most recently updated on 23.10.2023
How we work
Here’s why our clients earn twice more and get turnkey-ready passive income
We give full-scale support to your transaction
We assist you in all the stages of your transaction, from payment processing to obtaining property papers. Fully remote transactions are possible.
We do makeovers and furnishings
…that are highly approved by our tenants, based on our 500 unit stats. Property tends to skyrocket in price after the proper renovation.
We find a marketable asset
We’ve got data on 99% of the towers in the most sought-after Dubai locations. We know all the underlying issues and hidden benefits of the units.
You receive passive net income, which amounts to 8−10% per annum
You can make a purchase from any country overseas. We entirely service your unit from the moment of renting out to solving everyday household problems.
We rent out your apartment in the most profitable way possible
We promote every single unit and provide additional services for our tenants, hence why our properties are rented faster and are targeted at a more upscale audience.
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