Invest in Dubai real estate with an income of 6% in USD
  • We select objects with the best price
  • We accompany the transaction
  • We are preparing a rental apartment and looking for tenants
  • We fully manage the apartment and pay you a passive income
Get a selection of the TOP 10 best apartments in Dubai for investment
Leave a request. Full investment calculation for each object as a gift
730 apartments in Dubai, Moscow and Istanbul
Since 2018 on the market
85% occupancy rate of our properties
2 500 people already live at our places
Colife Invest is a service for purchasing and managing real estate
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6-8% net
rental income per annum
10-15% property value growth per annum
Total expense calculation for an apartment before purchase
Earn money on rent in just 1 month
We analyze properties on the market and find the best deals from $150.000
Colife's main business is property management, so our task is to find you the most profitable option and rent out this apartment at an expensive price within a month after the transaction. We earn when you earn
Why is it profitable to invest in Dubai real estate?
Let's explain with numbers
Advantages of buying real estate in Dubai
  • Stable currency
    The dirham-dollar exchange rate has remained stable for the past 20 years
  • An undervalued market
    According to UBS statistics as of October 2022, Dubai's "bubble index" is one of the lowest in the world
  • Possibility to obtain a residence permit
    A residence permit for the whole family in Dubai can be obtained with the purchase of real estate from $205,000
We handle everything at each and every step
You receive passive income from any country
Step 1. Apartment selection

Our analysts personally choose and review each property, examine its liquidity, legal cleanliness and availability. Due to our 5-year experience in real estate leasing in Dubai, we select properties that will get high demand among tenants.

The combination of these factors provides high return on investment and excellent liquidity of the apartment.

Step 2. Turnkey transaction support
We handle the entire process, from fund transfers to documents signing. You don't even have to come to Dubai — everything can be done remotely.

We also provide assistance in obtaining a Dubai residency visa for property purchases exceeding $205,000.

priced at market value
the best properties that we select
properties priced above the market average
closing the deal
visa obtaining
document compilation
communication with the seller
Step 3. Renovation and Furnishing
We've prepared over 650 apartments for renting out and know how to cost-effectively create an interior that tenants will love quickly.

We provide a design project, renovation, and furnishings that appeal to renters. City dwellers are willing to pay significantly more for a beautiful interior.

Step 4. Renting out your apartment at a high price right after the deal
Promoting each property and providing additional services for tenants allows us to lease at higher rates and in shorter time.

Moreover, through mid-term leasing, we minimize the void period even during the off-season, increasing rental income.

Step 5. Transferring rental income to you
You can be in any country worldwide and receive passive income. We provide full management of your property, from tenant accommodation to solving all rent-related issues.

Our team in Dubai handles tenant check-ins and check-outs and ensures the well-maintenance of each property.
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Get a selection of the TOP 10 best apartments in Dubai for investment
Leave a request to receive a selection. Our analysts independently select and review each object, check liquidity, legal purity and availability
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